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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Salt Water Ducks" by Cleopatra Mathis -- Verse Daily, 1/30/13

from Book of Dogs (Sarabande Books)
poem found here

first lines:
The tide ignores its limits, all last night
climbing over the railing, battering the door.


fortissimo! then not

-- reformatted 11/24/2013

Isn’t there a shift in time and tense between the primary verbs in line one (“ignores”) and line three (“flew”)? Just asking.

All else I want to say is: Storm! Rage! Crashing! Thunder! Chaos! ducks gotta eat.

Kind of radical drop off in tenor, there, no? Four lines of storm ideation and then “ducks have to eat”? I hope it was supposed to be funny, because I laughed.

Question: did that even need to be said? Could you not just ignore the urge to narrate and simply ideate ducks in a squall?

See my previous post on today’s Poetry Daily offering, “Rapprochement,” as to why I stop there.


  1. "All last nigth,"... hmm... someone needs to "critique" your "critiquing."

    1. Well, it's a blog with no money involved whatsoever -- those are going to occasionally slip by unnoticed. Always welcome to have them pointed out, though.