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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Dear So & So" by Beth Marzoni -- Verse Daily, 4/9/2013

from Hayden's Ferry Review
poem found here

verse daily sloppiness

— reformatted Mar. 14, 2015

Note after the fact: I see today (4/10) the error was fixed.

This is really for the Verse Daily people:

Line 15: a collared shirt on the off-chance Pd be saved. I'd shave.

In case nobody else has yet told you, it is embarrassing how many typos turn up on your pages.

No, it's not exactly like you are replete with them. But you are making one page a day. You can't bother enough to get one page a day -- one poem a day -- correct?

Not only embarrassing, insulting to the authors. Pay attention, already. You're a sponsored site. You should be getting it right.

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