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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Quick Glance Back After 50

Actually, 54 posts. But technically, still after 50.

Just wanted to take a moment in self evaluation. Quick jots in admittance.

  • Before I began this it had been a while since I was writing (writing anything) with any regularity. The percentage of typos et al in the early on speak to that. But I think my editing-self is nearly back.
  • Similarly, I think I'm well in to finding the voice of this blog. I believe myself at the point where I am starting to speak phrases I did not expect. (That will make sense to some of you. Hopefully, one or two of those laughed.)
  • I am also getting to the place where I am enjoying the aesthetic of the writing of the blogs, where I am starting to play. (I'm catching myself falling into rhythm and rhyme in mid paragraph here and there. That's a good sign, all in all.)
  • As for numbers, I honestly did not expect much until at least five or six months had passed. But getting myself listed on and, and then, far more so, the "30 Things to Say" rebuttal (posted to seems to have sparked an early and unexpected increase in traffic. I have no hopes for grandeur, here, believe me. My hope is simply that it creates a place for conversation about poetry and the writing of poetry (and, in extension, about aesthetic literature as a whole). If that conversation is not here, then hopefully among your own poetry circles.
  • Currently, it is taking a decent chunck of my time. I might have to slow down on the number of posts, as time spent here is time not spent developing the website or the other blog. Though, I am happy on my returns, so I shouldn't complain that much.

Overall, I am happy thus far. And enjoying myself. I had been away too long.

1 comment:

  1. I wanted to return the favor and put a comment on your post. Thank you for commenting on blog. I linked to your blog because your posts are really insightful and thought out.

    I wanted to comment on this point:

    "Similarly, I think I'm well in to finding the voice of this blog. I believe myself at the point where I am starting to speak phrases I did not expect."

    And I just wanted to say that I'm having a similar experience with my blog as well. Blogging is a really interesting experience.

    Good stuff. Look forward to reading more.